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Psycho Dad slits 4-yr-old daughter’s throat to use as Ramadan sacrifice

Psycho Dad slits 4-yr-old daughter’s throat to use as Ramadan sacrifice

One Nawab Ali Qureshi has reportedly confessed to slitting the throat of his 4-yr-old daughter as a sacrifice to God for Ramadan.

According to Nawab, he needed to be free from the devil’s possession at the time which was his reason for slaughtering his daughter.

Times of India reports that the 26-year-old meat seller earlier blamed Rizwana’s death on a family cat but finally confessed to the crime on Friday, June 8, 2018.

The Suspect

He reportedly said, “I had to offer my most prized possession to Allah”.

The reports revealed that Qureshi recited passages from the Koran before killing his daughter in Jodhpur, India.

He is reported to have confessed after his wife, Shabana reported the case to the police after she discovered Rizwana dead at about 3 am that morning.

He said ;  “I am a devout Muslim and love my daughter more than my life. For several days she was at her grandmother’s place and returned on Thursday.

“I took her to the marketplace and bought sweetmeats and fruits. In the night I took her to the courtyard downstairs, recited a kalima, killed her, and then went back to sleep upstairs.”

May her soul rest in peace.

Source: NETNAIJA  https://www.thenetnaija.com/forum/general/crime/53524-psycho-dad-slits-4-yr-daughters-throat-ramadan-sacrifice

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