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The University of Benghazi (UoB) was established on December 15,1955 under the name of “Libyan University”. The cornerstone of the university was the Faculty of Arts and Education, including 31 students and 6 staff members then. The univesity was founded in the center of Benghazi. In 1973, the university was shifted to its current location at the area of Garyounis. In 1976, the university’s name was changed into “University of Garyounis”. Now, the university includes various of faculties and centers of consulting, research, and service. The university is located on an arear of roughly 530 hectares, including a number of students exceeding 70,000, an almost number of staff members, reaching 2,000, and a number of officials and employees, exceeding 5,000. After the revolution of Feb. 17th and based on the decree of the university’s top management, the university has been renamed “University of Benghazi”, hoping to achive a new jump towards improvement.

Our mission is to lead the society toward the economic development through creating knowledge and preparing graduates, in different specialties of human, social and applied sciences, with academic excellence to be capable to impact upon society.

Our core vision …

To be recognized as one of Arab leading universities for providing higher educational services to the society and opportunities for work placements to graduates.

To be the best Libyan university and amongst Top 10 universities by ranking in the Middle East and North Africa.

Strategic Objectives

Such vision will be a direct result of:

– Reviewing and developing corporate identity for the university as one of Arab leading universities through designing the identity aspects (i.e., color, slogan, organization, buildings and physical appearances) based on the university’s core value.

– Supporting and encouraging the innovation activities through developing up-to-date teaching methods and providing the technical support to the academic staff and employees.

– Developing the research activities that contribute to the national and regional development by supporting and motivating the university’s centers and engaging them in postgraduate research programs.

– Achieving the academic excellence according to international standards of higher education and accreditation from the recognized international institutions through increasing the participation in research and education communities and attracting the professional researchers who have internationally recognized experience/record to cooperate with the university.

– Enhancing the university’s role to implement the theoretical theories, models and abstracts in practice to serve the society through creating effective and sustainable communication methods for exchanging cooperation.

– Enhancing the communication links with regional and international higher education institutions, research and consulting centers and supporting cooperation agreements/programs with them to exchange the knowledge and experience at all levels of the universities.

ADDRESS: Uruba Street, Garyunis Benghazi, Libya


Our Address:

Uruba Street, Garyunis Benghazi, Libya

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