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Taibo Bacar is a brand known for its fusion of high fashion and ready to wear.

It was first launched in 2008 in Maputo – Mozambique, and today Taibo Bacar is considered one of the leading brands in Africa.

It is determined, delicate and classic. It’s an instantaneous burst of wholesome energy for all women who identify themselves with eclectic style where the silhouette plays a central role.

A brand that emphasizes the feminine body using only selected cutting techniques and the highest grade of materials, making every Taibo Bacar woman a unique being that is envied, respected and adored.

Address: Bairro da coop, Rua B, Nº 121 Maputo –Mozambique


Our Address:

Bairro da coop, Rua B, Nº 121 Maputo –Mozambique


-25.9574863, 32.58628

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