You might recognize this international organization, as SOS Children’s Villages operate in many other countries. SOS Villages d’Enfants Maroc helps children who have lost their parents connect with other families, and eventually be adopted. There are many children in Morocco in need of a family, so you can help by volunteering until they find a new home.

Mission SOS Children’s Villages

No child should grow up alone. Every child has the right to grow up in a family that brings them affection, respect and protection. At SOS Children’s Villages, we provide a family environment for children who have no family or are at risk of losing it and we help them build their future.

Our action

Supported children

More than 1000 children grow up confident under the protection of the Association


86% of the funds raised goes directly to the care of the children and only 14% are used for the administrative expenses and the fundraising.

SOSVE in the world

SOS Children’s Villages is active in 134 countries and helps more than 61,000 children around the world

Our action

Giving the warmth of a home to children in danger, this is our mission for 30 years in Morocco.

Recognized as a public utility and placed under the Honorary Presidency of Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa, SOS Children’s Villages has been working in Morocco for more than 30 years for the cause of children without family support. It helps in 2016 to 1035 children across Morocco.

Fight upstream against the abandonment of children

SOS Children’s Villages Morocco works upstream to prevent the abandonment of children by strengthening communities and supporting weak single-parent families so that children can grow up in their families.

Child Abuse Programs, known as Family Strengthening Programs, enable us to help children at risk, who are at risk of being abandoned or whose rights are at risk. to be flouted (dropping out of school, work …) and to allow single mothers in great distress to keep their children with them and raise them with dignity.

A three-level intervention

Within these programs, we provide first and foremost a response to the basic needs of children (food, schooling, medical care, marital status). At the same time, mothers receive vocational training or vocational guidance, psychological support and sometimes legal support in order to enter the workforce. The goal is that eventually the family becomes autonomous and that the mother can sustainably take care of her children.
Finally, we are working closely with local authorities and partner associations to duplicate the program and allow other local associations to take over our action to ensure long-term sustainability.

Targeted intervention sites

Family strengthening programs operate in areas where precariousness is most prevalent and need is most urgent. Thus the association has supported several families in the neighborhoods of Sidi Moumen, Sidi Bernoussi, Hay Mohammedi and Rahma, neighborhoods on the outskirts of Casablanca. In Sidi Bernoussi, a center for the reception and qualification of women in very precarious situations has been funded by the Prefecture as part of the INDH and has enabled women to obtain a qualification in food, pastry, sewing, candle making and glassware. Some of them have now created cooperatives and are on a good path of autonomy.

The SOS Children’s Villages in Imzouren and El Jadida have also opened programs that benefit from the village’s infrastructure and expertise to help 250 children.

ADDRESS: Residence Abdelmoumen, Imm 4 Apt 10 Bd Bir Anzarane extension, BP 1275 Derb Ghallef, 20 150 Casablanca

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Our Address:

Residence Abdelmoumen, Imm 4 Apt 10 Bd Bir Anzarane extension BP 1275 Derb Ghallef 20 150 Casablanca


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