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The Beninese Brewery Company (SOBEBRA) is the result of a long process marked by an alternating movement of nationalization and privatization. Indeed, before 1960, Benin (Ex-Dahomey) did not have any brewery.

In the aftermath of independence, the first overseas brewery company (SOBRADO), entirely made up of foreign capital, was created. Until 1957, it was a branch of the Brewery of Ivory Coast (BRACODI) which imported drinks from Ivory Coast to resell them in Dahomey. It later became the Brasserie Company of Dahomey (SOBRADA), before taking the name of SOBRADO in 1960 following the accession to independence.

Following the popular revolution of 1972, the Beninese State decided to nationalize all the companies operating on the national territory. SOBRADO did not escape this wind of change. It was nationalized in 1975 and took the name of “BENINOISE”, with a staff estimated at more than 1,200 agents.

But the many financial difficulties of the eighties forced the state to free itself from most public enterprises. Thus, the decision of the privatization of the BENINOISE was taken. The company was acquired by the French group CASTEL-BGI (Brasserie et Glacières International) on January 6th, 1992, and became “SOBEBRA”.

Located in Cotonou at PK 2,5 route de Porto-Novo, this entity gave birth to the “SOBEBRA GROUP”, divided into three (03) companies managed by CASTEL-BGI, the majority shareholder at 90%. The remaining 10% is shared between the state and some national private. The three companies in question are:

+ The Beninese Brewery Company (SOBEBRA) created on January 06, 1992
+ The trading company of Boisson (SONEBO) created on May 06, 1994
+ The POSSOTOMEENNE des Eaux (POSSO SA) created on October 06, 1994

Following a decision by the shareholders, the three entities were merged into one larger one, which represents SOBEBRA SA in its present form.

The different directors based in Cotonou manage both the Parakou and Possotomè staff through the various unit managers. SOBEBRA employs over 500 direct people and nearly a hundred seasonal workers.

ADDRESS: PK 2.5 route de Porto Novo; 01 BP 135, Cotonou

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Our Address:

PK 2.5 route de Porto Novo; 01 BP 135, Cotonou

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