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In Mozambique, SBN is a multi-stakeholder platform that acts as a focal point for private sector involvement in nutrition in Mozambique and to demonstrate the impact business can have on improving nutrition in the country.

The activities of the platform are guided by three lines of activities: Involve , Inspire , Invest .


Engage with private sector companies to engage in nutrition programs for the workforce, invest in the provision of nutritious foods, and undertake other actions that contribute to the expansion and sustainability of supply and access to improved nutrition , with an impact on public health; act as a source of knowledge of the demand and supply of nutritious food markets in Mozambique.


To manage an investment fund to be used to expand access to nutritious, diverse and affordable food in Mozambique.


Advocate for the involvement of the private sector in expanding nutrition and advocate for the creation of a favorable business environment.

GAIN and WFP are the co-facilitators of SBN at the global level, and GAIN is the local implementer in Mozambique, with WFP as the strategic partner.
SBN is an integral part of the SUN – Scaling Up Nutrition Movement , a global platform led by the United Nations and created in 2010.

On August 31, 2011, the Republic of Mozambique joined the SUN Movement through a Letter of Commitment from the then Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Nazira Carimo Vali Abdula.
At the time, Mozambique included reducing chronic malnutrition in the objectives and priorities of the Government’s Five Year Program (2010-2014), where chronic malnutrition is identified as an impact indicator.

Mozambique had also adopted the “Multisectoral Plan of Action for the Reduction of Chronic Malnutrition”, which is coordinated within a multisectoral approach, led by the Technical Secretariat for Food and Nutrition Security (SETSAN) and a Nutrition that coordinates the support to the Government.


To be the Focal Point for Private Sector involvement in the expansion of nutrition in Mozambique, with a view to increasing access to safer and more nutritious diets


Improve and demonstrate the contribution of the private sector to the expansion of nutrition in Mozambique

Objectives of the Mission:
6 areas of action are critical to responding to SBNMOZ’s mission:

  • Develop a strong SBN Network community
  • Contribute to improving the impact of nutrition policies, with special emphasis on PAMRDC
  • Contribute to increased business engagement in the nutrition sector
  • Contribute to the facilitation of relevant partnerships and investment options in nutrition
  • Contribute to improving sensitive nutrition actions within food systems


All the SBN shares are guided by shared values.

There are 6 fundamental values ​​that support SBNMOZ and everything we want to achieve as an organization:

  • Strive for growth
  • Take the lead
  • Maintain simplicity
  • Work together
  • Be transparent
  • Understand and educate
  • Think outside the box

ADDRESS:Street 1.393, No 104 – R / C, Sommershield Ward Maputo, Mozambique




Our Address:

Street 1.393, No 104 - R / C, Sommershield Ward Maputo, Mozambique


-25.969112933694, 32.573814201227

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