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Our History

Soap-making in the Kuntze family is an old tradition. Already in 1814 during the Holy Roman Empire, the Kuntzes started with the art of soap-making. In the 1960s Mr. Dieter Kuntze travelled to Egypt, Uganda and finally settled in Burundi where he established “Savon d’or” in 1970. After his retirement in 1996, his son, the current Chairman Mr Matthias Kuntze took over.

Our Present

Since then, even with the multiple challenges Burundi has known, Savonor has kept a steady growth and is now a fully integrated company; from palm oil plantations, palm oil refining to soap and edible oil production and distribution. Savonor is by now the largest soap and edible oil producer in Burundi, one of the largest private companies in Burundi with 1500 dedicated employees, and a strong presence in Rwanda, Eastern Congo and Western Tanzania. Savonor offers more than 35 products! This was made possible among other by Savonor constant innovation and winning customer’s trust through its high quality products.

Savonor is involved in communities in several ways;

Hygiene & Nutrition Program

A Savonor program to promote hygiene & better nutrition in the surrounding communities in Gatumba, Ruziba, Rumonge, etc. Every Friday, we donate soaps, edible oil and offer advice to women in those communities.


Program Sponsorship

Periodically Savonor partners with local organizations through program sponsorship.


Out-grower Scheme

Savonor has initiated a pilot project for a palm oil out-grower scheme. In certain areas of Burundi farmers were dreaming of entering the palm oil sector but could not find the necessary financial capital and did not have the skills. Savonor assists them by providing loans, inputs and extension services. Savonor guarantees fair prices for their harvest as well. The project is expected to lift thousands of farmers out of poverty while obeying strict environmental standards.


Employee Welfare

Savonor employees are offered with free and high quality medical facilities, free meals, this being consistent with the company belief that happy employees will create more sustainable value for the company.


RSPO Certification

To safeguard its commitment to sustainability in the palm oil sector, Savonor is working to obtain RSPO certification.


Clean Environmental

Savonor production facilities are being equipped with new waste disposal systems to ensure there is minimum possible contamination of water and flora.

ADDRESS: Chausée d’ Uvira, Quartier Industriel I, Bujumbura – Burundi.



Our Address:

Chausée d' Uvira, Quartier Industriel I, Bujumbura - Burundi.


-3.358642337242718, 29.340295493602753

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