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Plan International has been working in Senegal since 1982 to promote children’s rights and equality for girls. To achieve this, we work alongside children, their communities, the Senegalese government and civil society organisations.

In Senegal, patriarchal traditions, poor living conditions and ineffectively applied laws lead to the violation of children’s rights, with girls being particularly vulnerable.

In addition, there are high rates of child marriage and malnutrition, the standard of health care is low and there are a large number of unemployed women and young people.

Our priorities include:

  • Protecting children, especially girls, from violence, including during emergencies
  • Improving health services
  • Providing children with access to quality, inclusive education, including during emergencies
  • Supporting young people to gain key skills and get good jobs.

Plan International recognises that violence against children and young people is prevalent throughout the world and in all societies. We are deeply committed to eradicating violence against children and young people and take very seriously our duty to safeguard all children and young people and promote their welfare.

This also means holding ourselves to account in ensuring that no child or young person is harmed or placed at risk of harm as a result of their association with us.

Our child and young people safeguarding implementation framework, which is explained below, helps us ensure we do all we can to make sure children and young people stay safe and protected when they engage with us and with those who represent us.

Our child and young people safeguarding implementation framework

We hold ourselves accountable to children

Plan International has a clear and unequivocal safeguarding policy, Say Yes! to Keeping Children and Young People Safe and Protected, that aims to make sure no child or young person who is associated with Plan International comes to any harm.  The policy governs the behaviours of Plan International staff, associates and visitors, ensuring we minimise risks to children and young people and report any concerns about a child or young person’s welfare appropriately.

Our programme work is committed to ensuring child protection

We run programmes around the world designed to make a lasting difference in children’s lives by addressing the problem of violence against children. These programme activities are linked to, but distinct from our efforts to ensure that we as an organisation ‘do no harm’ to children.

Creating safe environments for children and young people

We have developed several measures and mechanisms designed to prevent risk of harm to children and young people:

Awareness and prevention

We work on creating a culture of awareness where:

  • All staff are aware of and understand the problem of abuse and their roles and responsibilities to prevent harm and keep children and young people safe and protected.
  • Those associated with the organisation understand their responsibilities to prevent harm and protect children and young people.
  • Children, young people and communities we work with are aware of the policy so they know what behaviours to expect and how to report any concerns.

Staff, associates, and partner development

We undertake capacity building programmes which ensure the socialisation of the policy, taking it from paper to practice. We ensure that staff and managers are appropriately skilled, confident and supported in meeting their gender-responsive safeguarding responsibilities. We also ensure capacity building is cascaded down to partners and associates as appropriate.

Reporting and responding

We ensure that staff and associates are clear on what steps to take when concerns arise and that the organisation can respond effectively to these concerns.

Safe engagement and sanctions

We adopt measures and take action to prevent those who abuse or may be a risk to children and young people from becoming involved with the organisation. We take stringent measures against any staff, associate or visitor who abuse a child or young person.

ADDRESS: 91- Sotrac Mermoz Ancienne Piste, BP 15042 Dakar, Senegal

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Our Address:

91- Sotrac Mermoz Ancienne Piste, BP 15042 Dakar, Senegal


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