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About Us
We are a bunch of crazy innovators who happen to work in an advertising agency in Mauritius! We can be considered as the modern mad men who can compete against any Communication Agencies on the Island as we provide strategies that hook your target audience. We have the skills to read, dissect, and predict market trends.

Our journey started in India in 2014 and since the start of 2017; we are disrupting the Mauritian market with our futuristic solutions. We, at Panda & Wolf always believed that things could be done in a different way.

As Digital Marketing is growing in prominence locally and regionally, we work hard to establish Panda & Wolf as the best Digital Marketing Agency in Mauritius and the African Market.

We have been acclaimed by the local press as the “Amazon of Advertising Agencies in Mauritius” with our capacity to service every business in terms of marketing and advertising services. Tired of working with agencies that are just okay? Let’s have a chat. Will tell you the story of how the Panda ate the Wolf

What we do

We challenge the status quo by challenging ourselves first and carefully craft our solutions in order to exceed your expectations.

Data and communication

Careful attention to Data Analysis and Details, well structured Communication Plan to ensure a smooth Experience for all your Customers.

Designs & interfaces

Clean, User Friendly Designs and Interfaces. Giving your Brand and its Customers the Standard they deserves.

Coding & development

We Develop Award Winning Mobile Applications and Websites. Our Geek Team code the latest technologies for your company.

Digital Marketing

Innovation needs to be part of your Business. Consumers are transforming faster everyday and we are here to help you Catch Up.

Our Process

With our Insights Team, we monitor the best practices around the world in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Adwords, Data Scrapping and Analytics.We then test these ideas internally with our own products and solutions and document our tests. We start to establish our own best practices, literally taking all the risks first to then recommend the ones that work best for your business.
ADDRESS: 32 St Georges Street Port-Louis, 00230 Mauritius 

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Our Address:

32 St Georges Street Port-Louis, 00230 Mauritius


-20.1681402, 57.502798600000006

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