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At My Farmhouse Kitchens Fine Dining meets catering authentic International Cuisines.  A production of Pinnacle Foods & Hospitality Group, we are creating a vibrant food production company with a long-term view to deliver high value-added food products and services in the region while preserving the traditional home-made farm feel and taste in our production & presentations.

This will take you back to the moments when you enjoyed the aroma wafting from your mother’s kitchen  as she turned out her favourite dish on the stove using just picked ingredients from her garden farm.  The aroma carries  the promise that the best is yet to come!

We use  the freshest of locally sourced ingredients.

Hosting hi-quality boardroom meetings, hi-tea events, urban and intimate parties now made a breeze for our clients as well as enjoy wholesome dining experience with family and friends on special occasions together at home or at the company.  We serve private sector clients exclusively as our way of learning what we need to become, to grow within and from the sector.


​​The current focus of our production is building the brand name of the corporate.  We intend to do this in three ways:

  • Creating the ultimate catering spread with eight menus of International and African origins including Setswana cuisine courses which we call it the “A culinary expedition around the world” series.   It boasts of flavours from the eight corners of the world from across the islands in the Carribean to the east on the spice trail, big on BBQ flavours from South Africa to Australia to Germany and the US, to the clean tastes of Europe and the Far East and both traditional and contemporary flavours of Africa;
  • Develop the frozen convenience food lines of our signature products through high-end national stores (in the pipeline);
  • Develop fast food pop-up cafes in the initial six months as part of our brand-awareness campaign so that customers enjoy our hot foods at their convenience (in the pipeline).

A home grown franchise enterprise concept created, developed and owned by a lady from Singapore bringing the world to Botswana & Africa through the love of cuisines.

​Our plans for the future include developing outfits for manufacturing and exporting our signature products to the region as well as building a franchise network.  And in this way, creating our vision is to present thousands of opportunities for employment along its value chain.

Order and experience your first product, and discover the “audelicious” world of My Farmhouse Kitchens!

Here’s something we both can agree on.  Finding food within the city is easy.  Finding good cuisines for the discerning palette, a comprehensive and distinctive party service at competitive prices to boot, and now that’s a whole different story!

At MFK we take pride in our signature products and more recently our eight authentic world cuisines.  These are menus that are not known in the local market, but are 
popular internationally.

You will love the tantalizing flavors on the spice trail of West and middle Asia and of the Caribbean Islands, the clean flavors of Continental Europe, the big on the flavors of South African. American and German braais and burgers (where you bite into a wonderfully delicious burger, you’ll remember every single detail of that moment) or the fish & game cuisines of the cold poles.

For your favourite Setswana dishes we provide a fresh twist to some old favorites including dishes such as seswaa, bogobe and kabu (turnips).  And that’s not it!  From our signature MFK exclusive savoury snacks, particularly the curry puffs, confectionery and sauces​ product lines, we love it that it carries the promise of taking your pallet on a culinary expedition around the world right there at your very own catered event.  That is our promise to you of good taste.

But that’s not all.  It gets better.  MFK stands for  a variety of exclusive fresh flavors, including using fresh produces from our very own local vegetable and herb garden farm spread.


Don’t stop reading now.  All of our recipes and costings are managed via spreadsheet right from the costings of our inventory to delivery.

​Why would this be important for you?

It would mean while our service gives you and your guests a unique party and culinary experience, you have our assurance that our service to you:

  1. Is managed professionally
  2. With utmost care and courtesy while
  3. Allowing us to price our services competitively.
  4. And at all times, providing you, our clients good taste of our products.

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Our Address:

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