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Government Authorization for the construction of the Hospital, and in 1877 began the construction of the Lourenço Marques Hospital initially designated “Queen D. Amelia” (1897);


The Hospital is designated as Hospital Miguel Bombarda (HMB);


The regulation of Hospitals of the Colony of Mozambique was approved by B. The n ᵒ 14, I series, the HMB assumes functions of Central Hospital and is now known as Central Hospital Miguel Bombarda (HCMB);

By Decree 08/75 of January 18, the Mozambican Government merges the HCMB and Lourenço Marques University Hospital forming the Lourenço Marques Central Hospital, which is now known as the Central Hospital of Maputo, which assumes the role of care and pedagogical functions .

Access to Services

The admission of the patients is, as a rule, done from the external consultation or from the emergency services.

Outpatient care is preceded by appointment of the appointment on the patient’s card defined for this purpose.

In case of hospitalization, the admission of the patient is preceded by the organization of the respective hospitalization process.

Hours of Operation

Emergency Services as well as inpatient services run 24 hours a day;

The Internal Consultation Services work during normal office hours from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The Administrative Services as well as the respective Departments, obey the normal schedule of 8h daily work running from 2 to 6 Monday.


Maputo Central Hospital is a public reference hospital with a high level of competence and offers care as well as a field of development of teaching, research and extension.


Promote health to preserve and maintain life, produce and socialize knowledge.


Center of reference for excellence in the provision of health care, teaching and management based on high standards of integrity, humanization, ethics and professional ethics.


  • Guarantee quality services to the user;
  • Rigor in compliance with ethical and deontological standards;
  • Humanization of services
  • Care centered on the needs of the patient;
  • Prioritize serious patients whenever and in all circumstances to which they are subject;
  • Respect the patient as well as their companions;
  • Spirit of teamwork.

Services Provided By Institution

  • Urgency of Pediatrics
  • Adult Urgency
  • Urgency of Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Internment
  • External Consultations
  • Drugstore
  • Complementary diagnostic and clinical support services

In addition to the services referred to above, the institution may, depending on its dynamics, introduce new services and / or add value to existing services.

Commitment of the Services

Ensure care and health care for all patients who do not find a solution to their health problems in health facilities at lower levels and conditionally those who
voluntarily opt for these services.

Bed distribution

The HCM has 1445 beds, distributed by 7 Clinical Departments.

It attends on average in the Emergency Services about 780 patients and 550 in the External Consultations

Nursing ratio per patient 1/60


  • Carry out diagnoses and offer palliative and rehabilitative care to patients.
  • Treat and control the main endemic diseases, respecting their strategies of struggle;
  • Provide emergency care to all patients, and transferred from health units of lower levels of health care as well as those that flow spontaneously;
  • Participate in teaching and learning activities of professionals from different careers of health sciences;
  • Ensure scientific research in health, according to the research policy and priorities defined by the Ministry of Health;
  • Maintain a level of systematic and productive relationship with other health units at lower levels, including private institutions, administrative authorities, as well as formal leaders and other civil society organizations and authorities.
  • The HCM serves as an internship camp for students from several public and private educational institutions.
  • HCM also develops activities related to the promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of health.

ADDRESS: 1653 Avenida Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo, Mozambique

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Our Address:

1653 Avenida Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo, Mozambique


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