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Mali is a country with high development potential. For nearly two decades, our country has welcomed a growing number of investors and visitors.

At the same time, the sub-sector of the catering business is also experiencing significant growth, which continues in a dynamic manner.

The finding reveals today that the park of hotels and restaurants has grown a lot, at an accelerated pace, everywhere in Bamako, particularly in the area Hamdallaye ACI 2000, where our establishment, ” the Restaurant Vielle Marmite ” is implanted.

It is recognized that this area, which is an administrative and commercial district has no equal in our capital. That is why, she sees settling of many other restaurants since the passage of our Promotrice like guest of honor of the ANPE (National Agency for the Promotion of the Employment) in partnership with the ORTM in the 26th edition of the program ITINERAIRE in March 2011. The economic environment and the prospects for its development suggest the installation of many other restoration structures it has encouraged in this program (see CD available). Hence a forecast of competition that will be increasingly harsh and very tough.

It is therefore already appropriate for us to stand out from this competition that already exists. To do this, in agreement with all the staff, we decided to engage in a quality approach according to the standards of ISO 9001.

Opened in 2007, ” the Restaurant Vielle Marmite ” has a capacity of fifty (54) cutlery services BUFFET (renewable between 12h and 15H30) per day in room and a hundred (100) cutlery dishes of the day carried away , often combined with catering services ranging from three to five days for a number ranging from 30 to 200. It is mainly specialized in the production of African and Malian food, thus contributing to their promotion and enhancement, with reference to the latest laws of agricultural orientation. However, to meet the requirements of all its customers, it also produces various international specialties in the logic of respecting the balance of nutritional needs (from vegetables to cereals and starchy fruits).

From now on our establishment will put its customers at the center of its concerns, their satisfaction must pass before any priority.

Our products and services must comply with customer requirements, applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Also, we must continuously improve the quality of our products and services.

With the positive evaluation of the Malian Quality Award, the management of ” Restaurant la Vielle Marmite ” commits itself and commits all of its staff to become more involved and unreserved in this new approach. Everyone must be aware of the importance of their contribution to the achievement of the company’s performance and the satisfaction of its customers.

To achieve our ambitions, the following objectives, consistent with the key axes of this quality policy, are deployed within the organization and must be achieved:

Achieve a customer satisfaction rate of at least 80%;
Increase profit margin by at least 5% compared to 2012
Achieve an energy saving of 3% compared to the realized of 2012.

The general management of ” la Vielle Marmite Restaurant ” is committed to providing the resources that will be needed to achieve the assigned objectives.

It undertakes to communicate regularly on the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, to hold an annual management review to ensure that the system remains relevant and effective, to review the quality objectives and to constantly improve the quality of the system. system efficiency.

ADDRESS: ACI 2000 Hamdallaye Bamako Bamako Mali

Opening Hours


6h - 23h


6h - 23h


6h - 23h


6h - 23h


6h - 23h


6h - 23h




Our Address:

ACI 2000 Hamdallaye Bamako Bamako Mali


12.631771483153, -8.0271111043641

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