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“To be the partner of choice of our clients for the services and solutions we provide.


“To provide the best customer experience to all our clients.


“Commitment in putting those we serve first
Integrity in all services we provide
Accountability for all our actions
Teamwork internally and externally
Collaboration in understanding your needs
Quality in all our deliverables”

JAFOD’s team of expertise hold strong experience in commercial areas with specialization in the field of telecommunications. Our scope of work encompasses a variety of services that aim to enhance your business practices and facilitate efficient growth. Each part of the business if optimized and enhanced can significantly promote growth. JAFOD has the experience in various areas that can add benefit your business as a whole.

Corporate Strategy Development

Understanding your business needs and identifying prospective business opportunities while efficiently managing your resources can effectively boost your business performance. JAFOD helps in formulating your overall corporate strategy while utilizing your existing resources and highlighting areas of development to reach your goals

Business Plan Development

It is important to document your goals and objectives and manage the allocation of financial and human resources that are used to drive your business. We aim to help develop your business plans including financial, commercial and or technical initiative requirements along with budgeting and forecasting .

Consumer Behaviour Insight

Products and services that are delivered to customers are driven by supply and demand factors for most businesses. It is important to understand what the market needs and is willing and able to buy in order to tailor products or services that they need. We help in understanding the external market behavior as well as in-depth analysis and recommendations.

Competitor Behaviour Analysis

Keeping an eye on your competitors is an important aspect in any business. Understanding who they are and what strategies they are using to penetrate the market could be a great advantage to the success of your business. We conduct full analysis of competitor activities that may affect your business.

Sales & Marketing Optimization

Having effective sales and marketing strategies with tactical plans that are achievable and measurable facilitate transparency in the performance of your business. We help in understanding your current situation, and recommend business practices that have proven to be beneficial.

Policies, Processes & Procedures Development

Being organized and having clear processes and workflows for your operation can add significant value to your time management and productivity. JAFOD helps in identifying key processes that are vital to your business as well as identifying the KPIs needed for monitoring and ensuring you reach your goals.

ADDRESS: Amaraat St. 35, Block 12, Building No. 12 Khartoum, Sudan

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09:00 - 17:00


Our Address:

Amaraat St. 35, Block 12, Building No. 12 Khartoum, Sudan


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