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ISA Djibouti
International School of Africa (ISA) Djibouti, East Africa, is a member of the Learner’s World International Schools (LWIS) Network that is managed by School Development Consultants (SDC). For more information on the LWIS school network and SDC, please visit:

ISA is committed to providing local and expatriate families with the following:

  • An English-medium international curriculum compatible with the demands of emerging knowledge-based societies.
  • A trilingual curriculum: English, French and Arabic.
  • The integration of technology in teaching and learning.
  • A holistic approach to education through the development of the whole child.
  • Qualified multinational teachers and administrators to support the delivery of the international curriculum.
  • A state of the art purpose-built campus with ICT, arts and sports facilities.
  • International credibility though membership in an international school network, the Learner’s World International Schools (LWIS) and accreditation with a reputable international agency.
Purpose and Direction

“The power of the ISA model and ultimately the essence of the idea reside in the combination of self-knowledge, internationalism, trilingualism, and unsurpassed research and leadership skills.”

The International School of Africa (ISA) will provide an opportunity for young learners to develop the awareness, mind-set, knowledge and cognitive skills needed to be productive and compassionate members of society. We believe that the key to accomplishing this is by establishing an excellent international school grounded in the local context. This balance will allow learners to be dynamic and conscientious “glocal” citizens who have the capacity to act with initiative and lead both within their own communities and beyond.


ADDRESS: ISA Djibouti Nagad, Near the Italian Camp, Djibouti


Opening Hours


08:30 - 13:00


08:30 - 13:00


08:30 - 13:00


08:30 - 13:00






08:30 - 13:00


Our Address:

: ISA Djibouti Nagad, Near the Italian Camp, Djibouti


11.5077778, 43.132777799999985

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