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Innovware is a digital strategy & marketing consultancy that also does web design, computing, event planning & business development.

We are misfits who dare to think and be different coming up with creative solutions and ideas that increase our clients’ digital presence and also make them stand out in their operations.

Innovware owns multiple other subsidies such as: Innovware Store, Spur Magazine, Spur Dictionary, Spur Ziki and Newslibre.

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Innovware Inc offers a wide range of services from which our clients can choose from to better accomplish their desired tasks.

Branding & Graphics

Establishing or improving cooperate brand & image containing but not limited to logos, brand colors, identity, ethics, cooperate culture. Designing graphics and promotional material.

Social Media Marketing

With more than 100 million people connected to the Internet, social media is a powerful way for businesses to reach and connect with customers. Let’s us be the ones that connect you to the world.

Content Creation

Focus on what matters as we brainstorm and deliver the best content curated for your target audience.

Data Analysis & Research

We do field research interpretation and reporting on statistical data as per requirements of a client. Transforming the data into preset /required models.

Events & Marketing

Organising & promoting events such as fundraisers, sales drives, awareness campaigns and so much more with digital ticketing and tracking.

IT & Networking Services

We study, analyse & recommend the most optimal IT & networking solutions for any organisation to improve resource utilisation and minimise cost.

Online Marketing & SEM

This involves increasing your presence on several online platforms such as Google Search ads, ads on other websites.

Web Development

Developing, planning and designing web solutions as per client specification. We also manage numerous CMS.

Presentation & Visualisation

Visualising complex data and telling compelling stories by using some of the best presentation tools on the market.

WordPress Site Management

Managing a website isn’t an easy task and we totally understand how stressing this can be for you. When to comes to WordPress, we definitely know our way around it from carrying out daily updates, Multisite set up, backups, SEO, installation and so much more.

ADDRESS: Kampala, Uganda

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8:00am – 5:00pm


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Our Address:

Kampala, Uganda


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