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ICS provides complete solutions in terms of agricultural equipment, in addition to supplying quality seeds to farms of all sizes and of all types.

This is the result of many years of experience working in the Middle East and Africa.

Thanks to its organizational model, ICS has experienced in recent years a rapid expansion in new markets in need of modern technology.

A widely recognized expertise

ICS’s references since the company was started are both numerous and diversified: expertise and consulting services, project installation, providing seeds and equipment…

Global groups regularly use our expertise and our extensive knowledge of the countries where we are implementing agricultural production projects (Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Madagascar, Algeria, Mali, Senegal, Iraq, Ukraine…).

The production of high quality alfalfa hay begins with the selection of adapted varieties. Varietal improvement of the last two decades have led to significant improvements in yields, quality, and the overall life cycle of the crop.

In fact, the current varieties have an improved leaf/stalk ratio and are much more adapted to mechanical harvesting, which significantly increases the forage protein percentage.

They also have a flatter tillering plate and are thus more resistant to traffic, which reduces the loss of stalks at harvest, and therefore increases the overall longevity of the crop.

ICS has country based technical staff

As land is becoming rarer, newer Agricultural Projects and farms are often starting up at very remote locations in countries that are new to modern equipment.

Except for a few large projects, most new projects rely heavily on suppliers or local dealers based in the country of operation during the first few years of operation. Many a good machine was wasted and scraped due to lack of onsite technical support by suppliers based abroad.

Realizing this fact, ICS has started up offices in countries where agriculture is being modernized with the first staff being an Equipment service technician, before a full sales team becomes functional.

We have a reputation of being one of the best to serve the equipment we have sold all over the region. This fact has helped us to garner popular brands to our catalog as well as in increasing our customer base.

ADDRESS: 26. Circular Route, Building Lot II B 8 AMPANDRANA 2nd floor ANTANANARIVO 101, Madagascar



Our Address:

26. Circular Route Building Lot II B 8 AMPANDRANA 2nd floor ANTANANARIVO 101 Madagascar


-18.9041953, 47.535521700000004

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