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The invention of “not so fast food”

A fast food concept where, for a

We never met a consumer who would tell us: “I’m in a hurry and very keen to eat low quality food.”

Hence a fast food concept where, for a change, one eats well. Good, fast, cheap. Why not?

Chef’s food in the food court. For a modern customer looking for speed, but has the good taste of not giving up the quality and care that make the difference.

It would be possible to eat “Slow Food” in a “Fast Food” system. We decided to call this “Not So Fast Food”. And what should we remember?

New hamburgology

When everything had already been invented and copied on a world scale in the world of hamburgers h3 thought there was a giant market for … that’s right, more burgers.

We noticed that what was missing from the fast food market was the “real” one. At bottom, what the market offered so far were replicas and quick ways to serve a burger. Quality had lagged behind.

The good and original hamburger was not available: the one made of pure beef, with a size to be seen, in the case 200 gr and real grilled.


has 200 g of pure meat;
it is grilled and not plated;
is made at the chosen spot with sea salt by licensed grills and approved in 72 parameters in the Kitchen and Grill School h3;
and, finally, served in heated dishes to eat of fork and knife of metal or in the bread, uncovered so that the quality evidences itself.

We were the ones who remembered to do it like this. To this way of thinking we call new hamburgology. Because it’s new and because it’s about burgers. Really.

ADDRESS: Belas Shopping, Av. Luanda Sul, Luanda, Angola

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Our Address:

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