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EGTC Group is a multi-line importer and retailer of fast-moving consumer products, based in Equatorial Guinea, with a global network of partners in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa, including Nestlé, L’Oréal, Redbull and others.

Leading the Way

This endeavor resulted in the steady and significant growth of the company into the largest local, private investor in Equatorial Guinea, as of 2010. With a 20% turnover per year, the Group’s businesses, focusing on imports and distribution of the most acute needs of its customers have consistently succeeded in their markets: the frozen foods segment, which includes all meats, vegetables and fruit, holds a 60% market share; the food and beverage segment holds a 40% market share, while the home retail segment holds 70% of the market.


EGTC Group is the top distributor in Equatorial Guinea, in terms of market share, warehousing capacity and distribution channels. The Group has a product capacity of 20,000; its warehousing and chilling storage spaces total 48,000 sq. m (517,667 sq. ft.); its combined showroom area totals 4,400 sq. m (47,361 sq. ft.) and its two supermarkets total 1,800 sq. m (19,375 sq. ft.)—all figures are as of 2010.


To remain in step with the country’s development in the oil and gas and construction industries, the Group established six subsidiaries since 2005. Locally, the Group operates a construction company, a logistics firm and a four-star hotel, which is the only one in the country to be built by a local company. In Cameroon and Congo, EGTC established two beverage companies to serve their respective markets and the group’s overall distribution network.

Leadership Profil

EGTC Group promptly began to explore entrepreneurial possibilities that would provide a useful opportunity for their impoverished community. By 1987, they had opened a grocery store/bakery in the capital city of Malabo—the beginning of their present trade conglomerate.
The partners’ facility with multiple languages, as well as their market knowledge and management styles is at the root of their company’s success, helping them to oversee the group’s operations, strategic development, and staff of 400.

Address: Paseo Marítimo de Bata, Bata, Equatorial Guinea

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Our Address:

Paseo Marítimo de Bata, Bata, Equatorial Guinea


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