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As a rising fashion label in both Uganda and the UK, brendamaraka designs its own range of clothing for women, men and children with a blend of Afro and Western styles/designs to create elegant styles that are rare on the market. Among the designs are; Afro-blend, Lin-koy, Lingerie, Head wear, Bags.

You can place your order for any item on-line or by telephone. Take time to peruz through our gallery and quote numbers or names against the items that you need. More so, we can modify/customize any of the items to your requirements.

Who we are and what do we do

Brendamaraka is a rising fashion Label in the UK and Uganda fashion markets.

As a Label, we design our own range of clothing for Women and Men for all occasions. We blend both Afro and western styles/designs in our work to create elegant styles that are rare in the market. We also have our own range of lingerie for women in all sizes.

As a label we know that our markets have clients who are very sensitive and intelligent about what they wear. Therefore, our Vision is to dress our customers both in body and spirit as you will not find our designs not just wonderful but also tailored for the individual.

We aim to develop a label that will represent Uganda as a tropical country through fashion and extend itís position as a rising fashion hub.

Brenda Maraka (BM) Design Institute offers courses in fashion design for ONLY shs 1,550,000/= for 1 year.

This course entails the following:-

  • Basic Pattern (Making and Cutting for both Adults and Children)
  • Tailoring
  • Fashion Drawing
  • Concept Creation
  • Make-up tips: 30,000 shs per session

ADDRESS: 75 Mutesa II Road, Ntinda, Kampala-UGANDA


Our Address:

75 Mutesa II Road, Ntinda, Kampala-UGANDA


0.3459786507631804, 32.61659657033158

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