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Welcome to African University Of Management

To the student population of the AUM.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear students, allow me here to express to you the profound joy that is mine as we undertake together the challenge of the formation and development of our country.

Without a doubt, my gratitude is made by honoring you by choosing to register with the African University of Management (AUM). By choosing the AUM, it is undoubtedly a challenge that everyone must take up. To the delight of our great family AUMOISE.

The African University of Management (AUM), which opened in 2013, was created by men and women who, inspired by the all-out industrialization of the Gabonese economy, whose base remains highly dependent on the triptych: Gabon Vert- Gabon Industriel-Gabon des Services, wanted to renew the training of the Gabonese elites in particular and African in general by professionalizing them more from high school, until the end of their higher education.

Our web materials offer users, we hope, the information they may need by contacting the African University of Management. They indicate to the candidates the admission requirements and present the programs offered and the courses open to the different levels through which one accesses AUM, its Licenses and its Masters. They define the rules of schooling and should thus allow those who wish to consult them to understand the functioning of the AUM and to compare it with the different schools and similar universities that operate in the world.

AUM has a large faculty, composed of academics and practitioners, all qualified, by their knowledge and their experiences, to give our students training completed.

Our communication supports are intended to make us better known. It will allow those who know us better to help us progress.

African University of Management (AUM) is the result of the strong will of several professionals and experts from the world of higher education and research, to meet the strong demand for professional higher education and degree in Gabon.

A pioneer and resolutely international oriented, AUM associates at the same time the anthropological, sociological and human values ​​of Africa with the innovation as fundamental element in addition to the signs which, nowadays reassure and will raise it to the highest level among the largest and most prestigious management schools in the sub-region or even the continent with the only credo: Culture of Excellence.

As one of the leaders in Gabon, AUM, conquered the continent with ever more ambitious student profiles, with the challenge of integrating the international scene thanks to the know-how and know-how of the university they proudly represent.

Agile, mobile and preaching collaborative intelligence; our university favors the exchange of knowledge through cultural mobility and the valorization of each student and teacher because innovation and creativity have made AUM a private university.

AUM has distinguished itself by its strength of employability as soon as you graduate, but above all through training tailored to the demands of the labor market and in collaboration with companies that also meet international standards.

Professional training and university courses are constantly being developed in our university. AUM responds to the needs of today’s world and has given itself the mission of not only responding to demand but becoming the creator with your added value. To bet on the human, to value your capacities and to support the ambitious dreams of our students is the motto of the first trainer of the leaders of tomorrow in Africa.

Our mission

Convert our students into high-performing professionals by providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully serve the Gabonese and African economy and society in a globalized world.

Our mission is to open the doors of international to you according to your objectives and your dreams by positioning you on the labor market, whether it is through professional training in direct contact with companies in full swing, or by a suitable university course your journey through teachers and students from multiple backgrounds.

Your background, your culture and your assets; we build a common success by exploiting the differences and reinforcing our similarities by your integration in an environment where you are an actor and propeller of its success in a globalized world.

Internships, scholarships, school trips, clubs and student life are on the program with varied activities that will help you to stand out on your curriculums vitae and promote your personal development within our university.

AUM prepares you for an international future where you will adapt with agility and distinguish yourself as a leader.

Train future managers and capable leaders to face their responsibilities;
• Di ff us and explain the overall strategy of the organizations with the echelons of which it
has the responsibility;
• Federate a team around the projects entrusted to it;
• Listen to his collaborators, and give them the opportunity to achieve their work;
• Ensure reliable reporting of its action;
• Finding your position as middle management manager in an often complex hierarchical structure.

Our vision

The vision of the AUM is to be a successful university serving economic, social and cultural development at the national and international level while remaining rooted in the value systems that found the Gabonese nation.

Also, it offers an innovative, student-centered, cultural agility and “best-in-class” pedagogical approach in preparing students for professional success: A New Generation of African Leaders.

To be a successful university in the service of economic, social and
nationally and internationally, while remaining rooted in
values ​​that found the Gabonese nation;

• To position itself as an essential reference by proclaiming its openness to
solidarity and complementarity with the rest of the world;

• To train students in Sustainable Development Management who share the
conviction and the urgency of training young people differently for their true involvement,
as actors of the development of our country and those of the rest of the world through
his leitmotif: “a student, a diploma, a business project”.

ADDRESS: Boulevard Léon MBA (A côté de la Station Oilybia UOB) Libreville, Libreville, Gabon

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08:00 - 17:00


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Our Address:

Boulevard Léon MBA (A côté de la Station Oilybia UOB) Libreville, Libreville, Gabon

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