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Integration Objects is a world-leading solutions provider for process automation, command & control centers, operational intelligence, industrial internet of things (IIoT), cyber security, Big Data Analytics for enterprises, process, power and utilities industries, defense and governmental institutions.

Our goal is to help our clients maximize plant safety, increase asset availability, and efficiently drive their decision-making process.

Quality Products for Plant Optimization

We offer highly scalable and reliable solutions that allow real-time data collection from multiple plant systems and various enterprise networks. This enables companies to turn data, information, and knowledge into operational intelligence, thereby optimizing their business and manufacturing processes.

Our solutions maximize plant safety, increase asset availability, and improve resource allocation by proactively identifying and diagnosing abnormal conditions and process issues before they impact production. Furthermore, using automated root cause analysis, operators can be swiftly guided towards better resolution decisions and focus on key issues

World-class Customer Support

Still, our advanced software products are only part of our business; the other half rests in our industry insight and tailored consulting services. With a wide range of international experience in over 30 countries, Integration Objects’ team of engineers and domain experts is ready to help you improve your operations no matter where you are located or what your needs are, and always with the utmost professionalism and respect. Because our success is defined by our clients’ successes, Integration Objects’ top priority is to help you create integral links between your business and operational objectives and ultimately reach operational excellence.

Industry Participation and Certification

As an active member of the OPC Foundation, we are dedicated to providing products and services that incorporate industry standards and enable interoperability between different applications, systems, and vendors. Our quality and management standards are reflected in our status as an ISO 9001 certified company.

ADDRESS: Avenue Du Dollar, Les Jardins du Lac, Tunis 1053, Tunisia

Opening Hours
















Our Address:

Avenue Du Dollar, Les Jardins du Lac, Tunis 1053, Tunisia


36.846719, 10.2714577



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