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KAS Trucks is a Cameroonian company specialized in the trading of rolling stock: personal vehicles, trucks, construction machinery and spare parts of all European brands.

Our company is based in Yassa – Douala where we have a stock of trucks and personal vehicles for sale. You can also check our stock on this website. Our presence on the European market, through our central purchasing department, allows us to get closer to different suppliers and ports of embarkation. We can inspect for you the equipment (material), organize the logistics for any port of disembarkation.


We offer quality services with advanced technicians and latest generation equipment. Other services include: 

Inspection, expertise and advice.

We control, evaluate and give you advice for the maintenance of your rolling stock (trucks and construction machinery).

Diagnosis and programming

Computer connection for control and functional testing of electronic systems, and programming (initialization and parameterization) of electronic systems.

Monitoring of preventive maintenance

We provide preventive maintenance services according to the manufacturer’s instructions (oil change, replacement: filters, gaskets, pads, studs, bulbs …)

General Repair Tracking

We carry out curative talks following the malfunctioning of some car systems.

Sheet metal and painting

We ensure the repackaging (straightening, adjustments and welding, treatment and painting) and the repair of the bodies.

Small boiler

We make designs, assemblies and welds.

Crimping and industrial riveting

We make hydraulic hoses and rivet machine gaskets.

Key programming

We perform programming key contact and flash electronic modules.

Training in automotive maintenance.

ADDRESS: Face Entrée Ancien Satom, Yassa, Douala, Cameroun

Opening Hours


8:00 to 18:00


8:00 to 18:00


8:00 to 18:00


8:00 to 18:00


8:00 to 18:00


8:00 to 18:00



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Our Address:

Entrée Ancien SATOM, Face PLACAM Yassa - Douala


4.0862566, 9.7589064

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